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The International Society for the Philosophy of Architecture has managed to bring together 400+ contributors since 2009. Having held its first symposium in 2010, a successful conference at Newcastle University, UK 2012 and TU Delft, Netherlands 2014, ISPA has become the preeminent established organization in the field. With numerous upcoming events planned across Europe and North America, the society continues to actively engage philosophers and architects in the cultivation of architecture philosophy as a field of enquiry. -- The society invites participants that probe philosophical questions in architecture, or re-draw the assumptions behind them. It welcomes architects and philosophers willing to scrutinize extant (inter)disciplinary boundaries and consensus on questions in architecture philosophy. We celebrate attempts to operate at the intersection of both disciplines, and promote work ready to give philosophy and architect(ure)s respectful and serious consideration alike. We especially welcome individuals contributing to diversity and equal opportunity in scholarly research.

Registered Members

Login here to see ISPA’s research platform, which includes society’s latest news, conference calls, journal news, and member activity.

Journal Launch – Architecture Philosophy

The society’s editorial committee has been hard at work to establish Architecture Philosophy publishing its inaugural issue this summer. For more details on upcoming content as well as submission guidelines head here.

Spotlight Interview

We caught up with Andrew Ballantyne and recorded illuminating and instructive thoughts on architecture philosophy. You can find the interview in full in the Spotlight Interviews.

New Membership

To register, please send your name, email address, institutional affiliation, research areas, and three texts important to you in architecture and philosophy to isparchitecture[at]gmail[dot]com. Registration is free and open to all. You will receive insider information on ISPA events, first access to the Spotlight Interview series, sneak previews of the ISPA journal, and access to the research forums. Instructions are available on the site’s User Guide.

Keynote Videos

Keynote lectures from the 2014 Autonomy Reconsidered Conference are now available to registered ISPA members.