Volume 2 Number 2

Full Issue Editorial: Editorial, by Carolyn Fahey Articles: Contesting Wittgenstein’s Remarks on Architecture, by Jochen Schuff Wittgenstein’s Architectural Idiosyncrasy, by August Sarnitz Use-Value and the Question of Completion, by Emre Demirel Semiotic Naturalism in Architecture Theory, by Reidar Due Book Review: The Aesthetics of Architecture by Roger Scruton, by Hilde Heynen Call for Papers: Building…

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Volume 2 Number 1

Full Issue Editorial: Editorial, by Stefan Koller and Tom Spector Articles: Whatever Happened to Semi-Autonomy?, by Graham Owen Varieties of Pragmatism: Architectural Objects Made Moral, by Pauline Lefebvre Heidegger on Thinking About Ethos and Man’s Dwelling, by Diana Aurenque Appendix: Heidegger’s “Man’s Dwelling”, by Cesar A. Cruz Enigma as Moral Requirement in the Wake of…

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Volume 1 Number 2

Full Issue Editorial: Autonomy Reconsidered, Carolyn Fahey, Stefan Koller, and Tom Spector Articles: Architecture and Ethics: Autonomy, Architecture, Art, by Noël Carroll The Myth of Autonomy, by Nathaniel Coleman The Ethical Criticism of Architecture: In Defense of Moderate Moralism, by Christoph Baumberger Aristotle, Autonomy, and Design: Ancient Wisdom and the Modern Home, by Mark Jensen The…

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Volume 1 Number 1

Full Issue-Part i;  Full Issue-Part ii Editorial: Why Architecture Philosophy?, Tom Spector, Carolyn Fahey, and Stefan Koller Articles: Sharing Sense: Or, how ethics might be the subject matter of architectural aesthetics, by David Leatherbarrow Monism and Pluralism: The history of aesthetics and the philosophy of architecture – Part I, by Paul Guyer The architecture of…

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