Simulation and Architecture, by Jenefer Robinson

I agree with the premise of this conference that recent architecture has suffered as a result of putting its faith in various – often ill-digested – philosophical theories, but the latest philosophical fad in architectural theory promises to be different. In his influential essay “The Eyes of the Skin” Juhani Pallasmaa embraces the phenomenology of Merleau-Ponty:…

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The aesthetic consequences of preserving, restoring, and reconstructing, by Remei Capdevila Werning

Architectural conservation aims to preserve, restore, and reconstruct damaged, decayed and no longer extant buildings. While doing this, a complex set of reflections upon the function and the meaning of a building are brought into light in order to determine what interventions to carry out. These interventions may affect the aesthetic functioning of architectural works. By discussing several…

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Straining pulp-theory from architecture discourse: symposium schedule

{ 1 4 t h  o f  J u n e  2 0 1 0 } @ Architecture Building, School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK 9-9:30 – Reception & Registration 9:30-9:40 – Introduction 9:40-10:20 – Keynote I* 10:20-10:30 – Coffee Break 10:30-12 – Sessions 1a*  & 1b 12-1 – Session 2*…

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Straining Pulp-Theory from Architecture Discourse: a symposium

ISPA FLIER-A3 The 14th of June 2010, a symposium will be held at Newcastle University. The objective of the symposium is to engender as well as provide an informal platform for real philosophic engagement with the subject of architecture. Ed Winters and Andrew Ballantyne will be giving keynote presentations. The Aesthetics Research Group from Durham University’s Department of Philosophy…

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