Architecture’s Color Games: investigating Wittgenstein’s color philosophy, by Carolyn Fahey

Spatial interpretation, fundamental to both color and architecture, links color and architecture in Wittgenstein’s color philosophy. Wittgenstein’s spatially defined investigations of transparency provide the basis for arguing that notions of transparency have become a primary point at which color phenomena in architecture are engaged. Through a series of investigations Wittgenstein engages color as an experiential…

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Inheritance and Moral Intimidation: Moral Appraisals of Colonial Architecture in British India, by Stefan Koller

This paper explores the moral appraisal of built objects. It begins by outlining recently or currently fashionable models for such appraisal in aesthetic philosophy. In particular, it focuses on accounts that associate artworks more generally with moral(ly evaluable) content. Such accounts claim that artworks either symbolically express such content directly, or that our aesthetically proper…

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The Promises and Perils of Inspirational Architecture: The U.S. Air Force Academy Center for Character and Leadership Development, by Mark Jensen

The United States Air Force Academy is nearing completion of a new building on campus for the Center for Character and Leadership Development (CCLD).  The work of the CCLD contributes to the Academy’s mission to develop officers of character: in particular, officers who exhibit the core values: integrity first, service before self, and excellence in…

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On the Elemental Materiality and Beauty of Architecture, by Travis Anderson

This paper will advocate a return to architecture’s existential roots and a revitalized sensitivity to architecture’s elemental significance. As I and others have argued before, buildings by their very nature evoke more varied and potent sensual and interpretive responses than do other works of art. So, it would seem that architecture can contribute proportionately more…

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