On Atmosphere, by Angelika Krebs

ISPA 2016 Keynote lecture, 22 July 2016, 9:00 am.

The main claim of my talk will be that when we aesthetically experience architecture and landscape, we see them through the metaphor of human life and move, resonate or sympathize with their “Stimmung” or atmosphere for its own sake. In perfect sympathy, we feel at home in the world. This is
why atmosphere matters.

To establish this claim I will first clarify the concept of “Stimmung” and show how “Stimmung,” in the sense of “mood,” is infused into architecture and landscape, as “atmosphere.” Then I will distinguish four ways of experiencing atmosphere (perception, empathy, sympathy, and infection) to prepare the ground for the specifically aesthetic way (sympathy for its own sake). On this basis, I will develop a metaphysically innocent understanding of what it means to feel at home in beautiful architecture and landscape and why we need them both to feel at home in the world.

Angelika Krebs

Harvard Citation Guide: Krebs, A. (2016) Why Atmosphere Matters: Architecture and Landscape, International Society for the Philosophy of Architecture, [blog] 03 June 2016, Available at: http://isparchitecture.com. [Accessed: 03 June 2016]

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