On Durability, by Mari Hvattum

ISPA 2016 Keynote lecture, 20 July 2016, 6:30 pm.

Architecture, in most cases, lasts longer than the people building it. But it is not eternal. In an age when the ephemeral and the eternal are offered as the only options, there may be reasons to return to the particular kind of durability pertaining to the manmade. This involves looking – not so much at works as at work: How human making, as both Gottfried Semper and Hannah Arendt have reminded us, transforms ephemeral acts into (relatively) durable worlds, and how the past, whether we know it or not, inhabits the present.

Mari Hvattum

Harvard Citation Guide: Hvattum, M. (2016) On Durability, International Society for the Philosophy of Architecture, [blog] 03 June 2016, Available at: http://isparchitecture.com. [Accessed: 03 June 2016]

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