Philosophy and Architecture in Contemporary Architectural Education, by Branko Mitrovic

My presentation surveys the problems and dilemmas pertaining to the introduction of philosophical contents in architectural education. Paradoxically, since the 1980s (at least), the culture of architectural academia has been marked by substantial hunger for philosophical material on the one hand and a refusal to engage with philosophical arguments on the other. I will try to analyse the trends within architectural academia that have led to this situation, as well as the nature of the material that architects could have received from philosophers. A philosopher may be frustrated by the impression that architects merely want philosophical phrases and citations that they can recycle in the narratives they produce to talk about their works. But it is also true that until recently, due to the influence of the linguistic turn, the dominant streams of analytic and continental philosophy have been programmatically anti-visual and had few genuinely interesting arguments to offer to architects. Finally, I will argue that changes in contemporary philosophical culture promise a much more fruitful relationship between the two disciplines in the future.

Branko Mitrovic

Harvard Citation Guide: Mitrovic, B. (2014) Philosophy and Architecture in Contemporary Architectural Education, International Society for the Philosophy of Architecture, [blog] 19 May 2014, Available at: [Accessed: 01 June 2014].

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