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    New book from OIL FOREST LEAGUE Publisher:

    Reversible Doctrine. Essays on the unstable discipline of Architectural Design

    The book addresses the issue of reversibility of the discipline of architectural design. It is based on the assumption that architectural thinking is complex and unstable. The study spans the extreme ends of architectural thought. On one hand, it aims at describing the reversibility of architecture and, on the other hand, it critically reconsiders some “fundamentals” of architectural thought. Indeed, despite the apology of instability, and praise for reversibility the book tries to focus on some archetypical “thinking tools” and the way they have been used within architectural theory. The role of “construction” and, more specifically “logical construction,” within architectural knowledge is analysed in Giorgio Grassi, with reference to thinkers like Descartes, Kant and Foucault. To achieve this aim some of the realms that both Foucault and Grassi have “inhabited” are considered in detail, namely taxonomies and handbooks.

    Michele Sbacchi is associate professor of architectural design at the University of Palermo
    OFL Streams Book Series offers a forum for research that engages with questions around the critical dimension of architecture and urban studies in a global perspective. Advisory Board: Grahame Shane, Columbia University, New York Neil Leach, Florida International University, Miami Marta Llorente, ETSAB, Barcelona Franco Purini, Accademia S.Luca, Roma

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