ISPA is an interdisciplinary research platform promoting rigorous philosophical engagement with the subject of architecture and the environment. The society brings together philosophy and architecture and seeks to do so by upholding disciplinary standards of both. There is a strong emphasis on methodology, as opposed to any prescribed belief set. The methodology is largely drawn from general academic research and argumentation standards, probably best captured by the sub-field of critical thinking. The society’s guidance and orientation are largely driven by our journal’s review criteria – the most explicit articulation of its methodology. The society has no single institutional affiliation, allowing for utmost research quality and inclusivity. Philosophers from all traditions – whether continental or analytic or otherwise – are welcome. Architects – whether practitioners, historians, or theorists – are also warmly welcome. The objective of bringing philosophers and architects together is to develop – in a truly interdisciplinary manner – the field of architecture philosophy. The society hosts regular events and maintains an online digital network.

The society is composed of an extensive international network without institutional affiliation. The society lives online in conjunction with member organized events. In order to further facilitate the development of the network, online networking features have been added to an entirely new website.

Society Membership

Everyone interested in the philosophy of architecture is warmly welcomed to join. Membership is open to all interested and free of charge. To sign up for an ISPA account, send an email to isparchitecture[at]gmail[dot]com with your name, email address, institutional affiliation, research areas, and three texts important to you in both architecture and philosophy. To join the society’s mailing list supplying regular news updates on publications and events click here.

The new website has a new registration mechanism that requires self-management, so if you have had a membership in the past (2009-2013) you will have to renew your membership by signaling interest to the society administrators. Instructions for using the site are available on the site’s User Guide. If you have any questions or problems at all please contact Carolyn Fahey at carfahey[at]gmail[dot]com.


Society History

The society was founded by Carolyn Fahey in 2009, while reading for a doctorate at Newcastle University, UK under the supervision of Prof. Andrew Ballantyne. After returning from the American Philosophical Association’s Pacific Division Meeting in Vancouver, she realized that researchers in the growing sub-field of architecture philosophy were constantly divided between architecture and philosophy research outlets, and that this needed to change in order to make any progress in the field. The result is the International Society for the Philosophy of Architecture (ISPA).

In 2014, Tom Spector, Carolyn Fahey, and Stefan Koller established the journal of the ISPA: Architecture Philosophy. The group recognized the need for a regular publication outlet to secure researchers’ standing in the nascent field, but also the need to provide an arena in which both philosophy and architecture would be given equal weight in the evaluation of the work presented.

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