Volume 1 Number 1

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Why Architecture Philosophy?, Tom Spector, Carolyn Fahey, and Stefan Koller


Sharing Sense: Or, how ethics might be the subject matter of architectural aesthetics, by David Leatherbarrow

Monism and Pluralism: The history of aesthetics and the philosophy of architecture – Part I, by Paul Guyer

The architecture of ethics: Stanley Tigerman, by Emmanuel Petit

Building plans as natural symbols, by Rafael de Clercq

Is beauty still relevant? Is art? Is architecture?, by Nathaniel Coleman

A new interpretive taxonomy for works of architecture, by Rick Fox


Trying to think in a connected sort of way: Andrew Ballantyne in conversation with Stefan Koller

Book Reviews:

Rethinking Aesthetics: The role of body in design edited by Ritu Bhatt, reviewed by Tom Spector

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