Masterclass on Architecture and Utopia, offered by Dr Nathaniel Coleman

Although the association between architecture and utopia (the relationship between imagining a new world and exploring how its new conditions can best be organized) might appear obvious from within the domain of utopian studies, architects have long attempted to dissociate themselves from Utopia. Concentrating on the difficulties writers from both perspectives have with the topic, this collection interrogates the meta-theoretical problematic for ongoing intellectual work on architecture and Utopia. The essays explore divergent manifestations of the play of Utopia on architectural imagination, situated within specific historical moments, from the early Renaissance to the present day. Enriching this discussion is the disciplinary and generational diversity of the authors represented, ranging from emerging to established voices. The volume closes with an exchange between Nathaniel Coleman, Ruth Levitas, and Lyman Tower Sargent, reflecting on the contributions the essays make to situating architecture and Utopia historically and theoretically within Utopian studies, and to articulating Utopia as a method for inventing and producing better places. Intriguing to architects, planners, urban designers, and others who study and make the built environment, this collection will also be of interest to Utopian studies scholars, students, and general readers with a concern for the interrelationships between the built environment and social dreaming.

Thursday 7 July 2011, in Nicosia, one day prior to the start of the 12th International Conference of the European Utopian Studies Society

This information is posted on behalf of Dr. Nathaniel Coleman,  Newcastle University. He  requests expressions of interest in a Masterclass on Architecture and Utopia he will be offering at the Utopian Studies conference in Nicosia this July. Please address any queries directly to . Please follow this link for detailed information on the Class, including how to apply and the deadline for doing so. Please follow this link for more general information on the Utopian Studies Conference in Nicosia: .

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