Enacted Creative Spaces, by Anna-Lena Carlsson and Jennie Andersson Schaeffer

Aesthetic aspects, along with a vitalisation of traditional discussions on aesthetic matters, can be a key to a better understanding of the design of working places as information in manufacturing industry of today. In this paper we address a rethinking of aesthetic matters and therefore also the aesthetic in design practice, while examining examples of superabundant visual communication in industrial environments from an information design perspective. Theories discussed in the field of aesthetics are, for example, Jauss Shaw’s view on the concept ‘poiesis’. Jauss Shaws’ line of thought are put to use, in this paper, as an alternative perspective focusing on the production of artefacts, compared to the more commonly perspective that highlights the concept ‘aesthetic (‘Gr. aisthesis’) in a focusing on the perception of artefacts. In this paper the industrial environments are analysed as different fundamental forms of information and, Marcia J Bates’ notion of the nature of information is put to use in a visual- and spatial context. We argue that, instead of underlining the relationship of aesthetic and architecture, it is more fruitful for the information design practice in manufacturing industrial environments, to highlight poiesis as a significant aspect of design. The analysis circle around three examples from industrial environments, studied between 2008-2011.

Anna-Lena Carlsson and Jennie Andersson Schaeffer, Mälardalens högskola, SE


Harvard Citation Guide: Carlsson, A. and Schaeffer, J. (2012) Enacted Creative Spaces, International Society for the Philosophy of Architecture, [blog] 06 May 2012, Available at: https://isparchitecture.wordpress.com. [Accessed: 01 June 2012].

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