a u t h o r g u i d e l i n e s

Aware of  the time commitment required for writing a developed formal academic research article on any of the many issues related to the society’s grand aims, we seek embryonic pieces. We intend these to incite web-based discussion between authors and commentators with the hope that such discussion inspires the ideas of which academic articles are made. That is to say, we seek short and focused presentations of ideas, treatments of problems, or presentations/reviews of pertinent books for posting on our blog. Posts should be of a length resting somewhere between an abstract and a short research article. The result should offer an account of the problem or idea that is sufficiently developed to allow well-reasoned commentary, but the account is not expected to be comprehensive or to be the author’s last word on the subject.

Authors of posts are asked to follow these minimal guidelines:

  • present a philosophical study of some aspect of the subject of architecture or the related subjects of the built environment, landscape planning, or the very discipline of the philosophy of architecture itself    
  • 500-1500 words in length
  • include first and last names and institutional affiliation
  • consider multi-media options (e.g. film clips, photos, sound clips, etc.)
  • submit to isparchitecture@googlemail.com

Comments are open but will also be reviewed by society members for their accuracy and appropriateness. Making sure to include first and last name plus institutional affiliation, commentators might also consider the following suggested guidelines:

  • responses are best if sufficiently well-considered and directed to a blog post author’s main points
  • 500 words in length