m i s s i o n s t a t e m e n t

The society’s objectives are to engender as well as provide an informal platform for real philosophic engagement with the subject of architecture. The intention of doing so is not merely to raise questions about architecture, but also to bring clarity to an otherwise metaphysically muddled discourse.

I S P A advocates a philosophizing of architecture in the same manner that philosophers philosophize, yet with the objective not of investigating formal subjects of philosophy as epistemology but of purging the architectural discourse of pulp theory. The disciplinary aims of this society are to apply these aspects of philosophy to the subject of architecture:

  • conceptual insight(s)
  • rigorous analysis
  • well-refined method(s) for dealing with concepts in the practice of philosophy

The society champions these in an effort to better understand the architectural transient. Some such examples may include the exploration and/or reconciliation of the following topics of philosophical and architectural discourse:

  • aesthetics / politics / ethics / epistemology / etc.
  • modernism (e.g. functionalism) / postmodernism (e.g. constructionism, deconstructionism, structuralism and post-structuralism, semiology) / etc.

What the results of this purging would be cannot of course be predicted. However, it would appear that this kind of work would make inroads into exposing what a common notion might be.