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Aesthetics Research Group at Durham University. Aesthetic philosophers working together to reach a deeper understanding of aesthetics particularly within the arts and humanities.

Architecture Humanities Research Association (AHRA) is a non-profit academic organisation that provides an inclusive and comprehensive network for researchers in architectural humanities across the UK and overseas. It promotes, supports, develops and disseminates high-quality research in the areas of architectural history, theory, culture, design and urbanism.

Landscape Research Group (LRG) is concerned with all types and aspects of landscape, from wilderness to cities. It is a voluntary, charitable association, based in Britain but with a world-wide membership. Its purpose is to encourage the exchange of ideas and to promote research and practices that engage landscape and environment.

School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape (SAPL) at Newcastle University is one of the largest and most dynamic school of its kind in Europe. It is one of the few academic schools in the UK focusing exclusively on the built environment. From the analytical work on understanding contemporary places and place-making to the wide-ranging teaching in planning and design, the school forges new approaches to creating exciting synergies between education, practice and policy-making promoting social cohesion, environmental sustainability and economic development.

Tectonic Cultures Research Group (TCRG): The group believes that buildings are shaped by various forces, including the materials that are available and what people think is the appropriate thing to do with them. The ‘appropriate thing’ turns out to be different in different cultures, and cultures can be separated by time or place, or might be going on in the same places at the same times, but engaging in different dialogues with different groups of people.